Looking For a Job In Tech has a few positions available.


Graduate Trainee Program - General Requirements are Bachelor or Diploma Receipents or those in the process of finishing.

  1. Graduate Trainee/Intern Business Administration
  2. Web Programmer
  3. Pop Culture and Fashion Bloggers - Open to Students of Journalism, Political Science, Marketing, and Public Relations Only


Office Administration

  1. Accounting Associate - Entry Level
  2. Accounting Supervisor - Mid-Level Position
  3. Office Receptionist and Assitant 
  4. Security and Warehouse Supervisor - Law Enforcement Background Required


Social Media and Media

  • Fashion Blogger
  • Pop Culture Blogger
  • Vehicle Section Reporter
  • Public Relations Associate



Please email your resume to, allow upto 3 weeks to get a response please do not email back. Rethink Shopping